How do I register / SIGN UP for the 5k Run / 1-Mile walk?

It's simple! There are a few ways:

1. Click on the SIGN UP button above

2. Go to and click SIGN UP on the homepage

3. Go to and click SIGN UP


You can sign up as an individual or start a team by clicking the correct participation type.

How do I make sure donations get to the right place?

If you are participating as an individual or as a team, be sure to share your personal or team URL for a direct access to your page to submit online donations. If others want to donate on your behalf but don’t want to attend the event, they can also donate through your personal or team URL. There is also an option to just donate to Foundation 228 by clicking DONATE: above, on the homepage, on the donate page and the sign up portal.


What is a Virtual Run?

This is pretty cool. If you want to participate in some way but cannot physically be at the event, you can SIGN UP for the Virtual Run! Neat, huh? This is a great option for any out of state participants – we appreciate everyone’s support!

Is there a registration fee?

Yes and also considered a personal donation toward your fundraising goal! When you reach $100 (or more!) you will receive an exclusive Live.Laugh.LoveYourLungs. item*! This is a fundraising event and all participants are encouraged to raise funds via online fundraising and fundraising events. If you need some help, let us know!

*Please note that you must be present to receive your exclusive item; it will not be mailed to you. While supplies last.

Do I have to raise money to participate?

The Live.Laugh.LoveYourLungs. 5k Run / 1-Mile Walk is a fundraising event and we encourage all participants to raise funds as individuals or as teams! There are multiple ways to collect donations - online, cash or check - from friends, family, and coworkers. Or, get really wild and have some fun by hosting a fundraising event! If you need some ideas, contact us – we would love to help! Anyone who raises a $100 or more will receive an exclusive Live.Laugh.LoveYourLungs. item*!

*Please note that you must be present to receive your exclusive item; it will not be mailed to you.While supplies last.


What is the exclusive Live.Laugh.LoveYourLungs. item* you receive for raising $100 or more?

Follow us on Instagram @livelaughloveyourlungs and @Foundation228 for sneak peeks and a reveal before the walk!

*Please note that you must be present to receive your exclusive item; it will not be mailed to you. While supplies last.


Who should checks be payable to and where should they be sent?
We really encourage all donations to be made online, which can be completed using credit, debit card or Pay Pal. Donors will receive a receipt via email for their contribution. Checks should be made payable to Foundation 228.   If you receive check and/or cash donations, please send an email to
for more information.


How do I find out if my company has a matching gift program?
Many companies offer matching gift programs in which the company will match an employee’s contribution to a charitable organization. If you are not sure if you qualify for a matching gift, please contact your Human Resources department.


Is there a minimum age to participate?

Everyone is welcome to join us! All individuals must SIGN UP. Anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult 21 years or older at the event. And remember, kids can raise funds, too!


Is there any special recognition for people who are survivors of lung cancer?

We are currently evaluating this opportunity and would love to hear from you. If you are a survivor, or if you would like to nominate a survivor, please send us your information and tell us about your story. Please use our contact page found here.


What is a team “coach”?

A team Coach will rally friends, family and co-workers to form a team and participate in the Live.Laugh.LoveYourLungs. 5K Run / 1 – Mile Walk. The coach helps coordinate online SIGN UP, goal setting and assists team members with fundraising. SIGN UP and put your people in the game, coach!


What is an official team?
Ideally, a team includes a Team Coach and at least four team members - but teams of all sizes are welcome!


What if I have more questions?
If you have more questions please contact us at 716-262-8578 or You can also send direct messages on Instagram by following @livelaughloveyourlungs and @foundation228.


How long is the Live.Laugh.LoveYourLungs. 5K Run/1-Mile Walk?
The run is a 5k certified course (NY15031JJ) that loops through the Delaware Park Rose Garden / Hoyt Lake sections. The walk is approximately 1 mile along the edge of Hoyt Lake. Click here for a map.

What is the event day schedule?

The current schedule is as follows, but please note it is subject to change, so please check again before race day!

This event will be held rain or shine. There are no refunds.

7:00am - Late Packet Pickup + Race-Day SIGN UP
8:00am - Welcome, Recognition of Sponsors, Top Fundraising Individuals/Teams
8:30am - 5k Run Start
9:00am - 1-Mile Walk Start
9:45am - 5k Race Day Awards Ceremony
10:23am - Moment of Silence Observed
10:30am - Event Ends

Can I pick up my race packet early? Where? When?

SIGN UP by May 30 and pick up your race packet on June 1 from 8AM - 12 Noon at Hotel Henry (directions). If you SIGN UP after May 30, you must pick up your race packet on race day June 2. Race Day SIGN UP and race packet pickup will open at 7AM at Hoyt Lake, Buffalo, NY.

Where is the start line for the 5K Run and 1-Mile Walk??

Please see map.

Where will Race-Day Registration/SIGN UP be on June 2? What time does it open?

Race Day SIGN UP will open at 7AM at Hoyt Lake, Buffalo, NY.

How should I prepare for event day?

SIGN UP by May 30 to pick up your race packet on June 1 from 8AM - 12 Noon at Hotel Henry (directions). If you SIGN UP after May 30, you must pick up your race packet on race day June 2 at Hoyt Lake  Buffalo, NY, starting at 7AM.

Please plan for time needed to travel to the destination, find parking and make your way to the start line.  Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather. And please don’t forget sunscreen, sunglasses and to wear comfortable shoes! In case of inclement weather, bring an umbrella or rain jacket – this is a rain or shine event! And of course, have a LOT of fun and take pictures! Post them to social media using #livelaughloveyourlungs #foundation228.

What do I do if it rains?
The Live.Laugh.LoveYourLungs. 5K Run/1-Mile Walk will take place rain or shine! Bring your rain gear!

What happens if I register but can no longer attend the event? Do I get a refund?

Since the event is a fundraiser, refunds will not be given.

Where should I park?
We have partnered with the Buffalo History Museum as a parking solution and will have parking passes available upon request at early packet pickup. Please note that the Buffalo History Museum parking spaces are limited, first come, first serve (even with a parking pass), and are not assigned. Parking around the Delaware Park and Hoyt Lake area is limited and is also considered first come, first serve. There will not be any parking reserved for this event or shuttle buses.  Please note that there will be other events taking place that day, so arriving early to park is recommended! 

Where are the bathroom facilities?

Great question! The Marcy Casino has graciously granted us use of the bathroom facilities on site. Please be courteous when using the facilities. We will have ushers and attendants for oversight on crowd control.

Will water be available at the race?

We are excited to be partnering with Green Buffalo Runner to ensure we are earth friendly at this event. All water stations will be equipped with paper (NOT PLASTIC) cups and we encourage attendees to bring their own water bottle. One of our donors is also BOXED WATER and will be providing 1 small boxed water for each person registered, up to 200 people. If we need more, we will figure it out!

Are there any restrictions I should know about?

No pets, roller blades, bikes, scooters or skateboards. Strollers must line up at the rear to start off the race. Refunds will not be issued on race day as it is a rain or shine event, as well as a fundraiser.

Is it ok to run with my stroller?

Yes! We do politely ask that strollers line up at the rear to start off the race.


Are pets allowed?
Sorry, but pets are NOT allowed for the safety of the participants and runners.


Who do we contact for special accessibility or needs?

Please contact us at 716-262-8578 or send an email to Thank you!

How do I share the 5K details on my social media?

Great question! When you get to the registration pages there are two social media icons to share details to your pages and an email icon to send emails to your contacts.

What are the colors or symbols for Lung Cancer awareness?

The Lung Cancer ribbon color is white or pearlescent white; the symbol is the pearl.