Inspired by our mother’s and grandmother's courage and determination to live and beat lung cancer, Foundation 228 was created to raise awareness, to educate and to fund dedicated lung cancer research. We want to help fund and find better treatments, and a cure. The ultimate goal is to support lung cancer patients who are in the fight for their life while searching to find a treatment that works for them, for undiagnosed future lung cancer patients, and for lung cancer survivors. We want everyone touched by this disease to have a chance at achieving their best quality of life.


Erica M. Burzynski


I know that with every breath I take my mom is standing right beside me cheering me on and  guiding my footsteps to put me on the right path to help those who need it most - patient or caregiver(s). Every day is electrified by my heart and soul with a newly-found passion to raise awareness, educate and fund lung cancer research to find better treatments and a cure. A new story awaits and desires to be written.

And I need people like YOU to help write it.


Please join me, and so many others, on this journey. You've already taken the first step by reading this. far - keep going.

I discovered my passion and purpose after my mom lost her battle to Lung Cancer in June 2018, and created Foundation 228 in January 2019. I am fully committed to its mission and plan to measure success not only by raising funds, but in other ways such as:

- When a white ribbon/ pearl achieves the same recall and recognition as a pink, red or yellow ribbon

- When we fund research for a new treatment that provides the best quality of life.

 - When we can say " we did it, we helped fund a cure!"


And yes, it will take relentless perseverance and patience, but I know that one day we will get there. I will be tapping into my mom's strength and might, her can-do and "I'll try it" warrior attitude, and her selfless devotion to finding a cure for those that would come after her - witnessing that was quite humbling and sobering. I still remember as if it were yesterday, her sitting in a chair at the hospital waiting to be discharged - her now petite silhouette outlined by rays of sunshine beaming through a window overlooking the Buffalo skyline - her tired and now soft spoken and labored voice saying "If I can help someone else, I want to do it - I want to try it." We were discussing clinical trials after learning that the immunotherapy wasn't working. My heart was overwhelmed by her selflessness and shattered all at once, knowing we were running out of options and time. Mom never cried. She never complained. She never gave up hope. And,  I won't ever, either.

I love you, Mom. This is for You.

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Holly A. Saari


I'd like to share a story that you may have read before. It’s a story I always treasured and shared with our mom on several occasions (insert mom where dad is mentioned). I was always ‘flying away’ somewhere on an adventure in college or to where my adult life led me with my husband and four boys.  Our mom always encouraged us to spread our wings and live a full life.  (I have no idea how she did this because as a mom myself, it’s very difficult to let them leave the nest!). She had a copy on her dresser at home and I found while tidying up after she passed away.  It hits home more than ever now and it was something I read at her funeral in June of 2018.  I hope you’ll treasure it too.


Original story by Bob Perks, in Chicken Soup For the Grieving Soul

My goal is to NEVER have another person witness a loved one battle against this disease without certainty that they’ll WIN the fight!  My hope is that our foundation will assist with the research necessary to find a cure.  Our mom never gave up, always wanted to fight, always having that CAN DO ATTITUDE to help someone else, even when her own treatment wasn’t helping her. Our mom was a warrior!


I am a daughter to an amazing dad, a sister to a strong willed woman, a wife to a supportive husband and most importantly a mom to four amazing young men.  I live in Thousand Oaks, California, but my heart belongs to my home town, Buffalo, NY.  I NEVER want my loved ones to see me suffer like my mother did. We need to find a cure.  Please join us in our endeavor to raise money to find a cure for lung cancer, to fund research and awareness so this disease does not win.  Anyone with lungs can get lung cancer.  You DO NOT have to be a smoker, ANYONE can be diagnosed with this disease.  PLEASE HELP US FIND A CURE THROUGH YOUR SUPPORT AND GENEROUS DONATIONS.


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Thank you!